Who are we

The idea was born with Sarunas Narbutas, the president of the Lithuanian cancer society, a cancer survivor, and Shajjad and Katie Rizvi, founders of Little People, an award winning, Eastern European cancer charity. Together they created the Youth Cancer Europe foundation that incorporates youth cancer networks across Europe.

Why Youth Cancer Europe?

The stark realisation that while Europe is awash with cancer organisations and patient forums, yet there is nothing that is specifically youth driven, youth inspired and youth oriented, an organisation that is the bridge between childhood can adult cancer patients, across tumour types and speaks the language of teenagers and young adults.

What we do

Meet, Talk, Plan, Share, Lobby, Engage, Fight, Stand up for the rights of youth cancer patients across Europe, highlighting great examples of good practice from local networks to inspire, create and strengthen youth cancer networks in countries that have little or no voice.

Youth Cancer Europe is a start-up, we’re on page-one! We want to write, and have an idea how this book needs to read out, but we need your input and your ideas to make sure Youth Cancer Europe covers all elements of the story. Join our network today

To test the idea, in December 2014 a meeting was held with youth representatives from across Europe giving youth survivors the chance to voice how they see things and what they want done. And here is what the participants have said:

In the summer of 2015 a follow up meeting and Advocacy Masterclass was held at the UNTOLD festival – winner of the Best Major Festival in 2015 and a Youth Cancer Europe partner. Yay! Here is what participants said about the Advocacy Masterclass:

International participants Masterclass feedback

What is advocacy and why do we advocate? Patient advocates in the training - first Masterclass by Youth Cancer Europe

Posted by Youth Cancer Europe on Thursday, 13 August 2015

In December 2015 the Little People cancer charity offered 20000 euros for creating the first European youth cancer organisation and Youth Cancer Europe became a legal entity.

The Little People children’s cancer charity works daily in 8 childhood cancer units in Romania. In 2006 Little People set up the youth cancer group called Temerarii with a small band of cancer survivors. Today the community is 400 strong and is one of the founding members of Youth Cancer Europe.