YCE’s Esports Charity Tournament goes live Sunday 6th September! - Youth Cancer Europe (YCE)

YCE’s Esports Charity Tournament goes live Sunday 6th September!

Welcome to Youth Cancer Europe’s first ever CSGO Esports Charity Tournament!

Youth Cancer Europe is proud to host its first ever charity gaming tournament on September 6th, 2020. The tournament will be raising funds for the work carried out by the patient organisation Youth Cancer Europe, which represents half a million young people affected by cancer, aged 18-39 across 31 countries.

Watch the live stream by via Twitch here: https://www.twitch.tv/primaesport

Pro teams Unicorns of Love, Lemondogs, and Prima Esport’s Academy and Female teams will be facing off in two semifinals plus a final match, with the stream kicking off from 13:30 BST (UK/Ireland/Portugal) / 14:30 CEST (Central Europe) / 15:30 EEST (Eastern Europe), hosted by Prima’s own Martin ‘PrimoFamilia’ Mårtensson as our caster.

The unprecedented impact of Covid-19 on healthcare systems across the world has caused tremendous side effects. The impact has been felt not only on the immediate treatment of other diseases. Access to medicines and access to screening have been disrupted. The delivery of mental health services and psychosocial services has been disturbed, as well as much else. With the focus shifted towards coronavirus and the search for a vaccine, areas of healthcare not immediately related to the virus, as well as charities and patient organisations worldwide, have been heavily affected in the last three months by huge funding shortages that ultimately put new and future patients at increased risk.

Mental health, which is one of the key areas addressed by Youth Cancer Europe ahead of its 2021 Global Summit, is also a cause close to the heart of many gamers and Esports players in particular, where we feel both worlds are connected; giving us an excellent platform to raise much needed awareness.

We look forward to welcoming you on September 6th to our charity CSGO tournament!