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YCE’s Social Media Apps Pitch Competition

There are hundreds of thousands of apps catering for cancer patients today. But do any of them address all the key needs and issues affecting young people with cancer?

Leadership Summit in Budapest (Highlights)

In July 2019, 80 participants representing 31 countries across all of Europe gathered in the stunning Hungarian capital of Budapest, to take part in Youth Cancer Europe’s first ever Leadership Summit!

Video Series: Patient On Patient

Earlier this year at our Incubator event in Transylvania, we filmed a series of conversations between young people affected by cancer. The concept is simple: two people sat interviewing each other. They have a stack of questions, each taking it in turn to pick one up and ask the other.

#YCEIncubator Event Highlights (Part I)

This is what great minds are able to achieve when they come together. A huge thank you goes out to our speakers, who joined us as we built our communications strategy for 2019 and beyond.

#YCEIncubator Event Highlights (Part II)

Second part of our Incubator event highlights, with our communications team at the stunning Casa Rațiu in Cluj County, Transylvania, Romania.

#removelabels Campaign Launch

Survivors are about so much more than just a label. That’s why it’s time to tear down stigmas associated with cancer amongst young people. Or why it’s time for survivors to stop having to hide their cancer history, for fear of rejection or exclusion, when they apply for a new job or meet new people.

The Right To Be Forgotten

Check out the highlights from our event at the European Parliament in Brussels to present our white paper and to tackle the first of five key issues addressed in it, the “Right To Be Forgotten” for cancer survivors.

Fundamentals of EU Policy Making

In 2018 we hosted a four-day induction week in Brussels, Belgium, on the Fundamentals of EU Policy Making for our members to learn more about the processes that turn ideas into tangible policy actions.

World Cancer Day

February 4th is World Cancer Day. Here at Youth Cancer Europe, we continue to fight harder than ever to ensure that the voices of young cancer patients and survivors are heard across the continent, empowering them to become a key part of how cancer treatment and after-care is shaped.

Information, stigma and misconceptions around cancer

Meet cancer survivors and YCE ambassadors Dusan and Milos. Both survivors of childhood cancer, in this video they discuss the lack of information available to young cancer patients in their native Serbia, as well as the stigma and misconceptions around cancer in society.