New paper: Cross-border access to clinical trials in the EU - Youth Cancer Europe (YCE)

New paper: Cross-border access to clinical trials in the EU

Last year, Youth Cancer Europe participated in a study on the topic of cross-border access to clinical trials in the European Union, which was carried out by EFGCP, EORTC, KU Leuven and Patvocates, and supported with an unrestricted grant by the EFPIA’s Oncology Platform.
The article presenting the study’s results has been published in Frontiers in Medicine, and can be accessed for free here:
The study concluded that participation in clinical trials abroad (between Member States) is rarely taking place, but should be facilitated. There was a consensus on the need for reliable and accessible information regarding practical aspects, as well as multi-stakeholder, multi-national recommendations on existing options and best practice on cross-border access to clinical trials.
You can view the full report here.
As Youth Cancer Europe revealed during our event at the European Parliament last year, 4 out of 5 patients in the EU don’t even know they can access life-saving treatment for free. Our cross-border health initiative hit the headlines at the time and we will continue to push for better and fairer access to cross-border health at European level.