Youth Cancer Europe Advocacy Masterclass 2015 - Youth Cancer Europe (YCE)

Youth Cancer Europe Advocacy Masterclass 2015

August 2015

In order for young cancer survivors to deliver important outcomes and become a relevant stakeholder at political and regulatory level, young people need to develop capacity in representation, networking and lobbying and learn skills in advocacy to become more capable of using their leverage with public authorities, legislators and professional organisa­tions. To this end, the Youth Cancer Europe network called a meeting in August 2015 in Cluj-Napoca, adjoining the Ro­manian survivorship community’s annual general assembly and teaming up with the local Center of Resources for Public Participation, and organised an Advocacy Masterclass over two days in support of youth cancer initiatives at national or international levels, to showcase and build on existing experience and best practice, for young people to build affiliations and most importantly build skills in youth cancer survivors.