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Patients and patient advocates are increasingly involved in decision-making in healthcare and the setting of research agenda. Knowing how to access scientific literature, correctly analyse and interpret data, hold a scientific argument and to effectively and correctly communicate scientific content have therefore become essential advocacy skills.

Ana Amariutei, 22, is a cancer survivor and patient advocate and studies Biomedical Science in year 3 at the University of Sheffield. She is also a member of YCE and participated at the 13-15 October ESMO Workshop “Science for Advocates” in Munich.

“I am really happy I had the opportunity to participate at the science workshop organised by the European Society for Medical Oncology.

During the workshop we were provided with a lot of useful information about ways in which scientific literature can be accessed, interpreted and communicated accurately. The lectures and group work allowed us to understand better how data is interpreted, we had presentations that described basic statistical concepts and we had exercises during which we read and analysed scientific papers using the ESMO-MCBS (Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale).

The workshop was a successful event and it surely provided us with a lot of useful and detailed information.” said Ana. “We look forward to put into practice what we learned during this weekend.”