Ajla Nizic, Bosnia | Youth Cancer Europe (YCE)

Ajla Nizic, Bosnia

When I was four, I was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma. Luckily for me it was in early stage so at the end there were no complications and everything went just fine. I am in Survivor group since 2013 and I am president of our Survivor group since  2015.

Also I am a volunteer in my organisation and I often go to the hospital to talk with other kids who are on the treatment.

Two years ago I wrote a book about my experience with cancer and donated half money for Parental house building. I am active on international level, so I have been on CCI conferences and international education organised by European Patient Forum. I am also a member of steering committee of European Survivors network. This year Will be my first year of medicine college so I am really looking forward to it.

I am also big football fan.