Denise Corbetta, Italy | Youth Cancer Europe (YCE)

Denise Corbetta, Italy

I’m 24 years old. I attend the Tourism University in Como. I’ll have the graduation in December. I’m a sunny and smiling girl. I’m optimistic and friendly. I love traveling and animals.  I work in a foundation, B.LIVE (, and I’m an event organiser there. We work with guys that have or have had oncological problems or chronic illnesses. I’m a member of “The Resilient” a volleyball team of survivor guys, we want to give a positive message to whom is in hospital and that have to start what we passed out. I’m a cancer survivor since 2010, when someone gave me a new life with a marrow transplant. This experience made me stronger and more consciousness of what it’s really important in life. My slogan is “Always keep smiling”.