Simona Hristova, Bulgaria | Youth Cancer Europe (YCE)

Simona Hristova, Bulgaria

“I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in February 2007. In the beginning I didn’t understand exactly what’s going on but when I saw my family’s faces I knew it was bad. I started chemotherapy immediately. My life suddenly shifted from school to the hospital environment and my teenager problems turned into a life and death battle. After a year and a half of chemotherapy, things started to settle down and I returned to normal so to say. It was really difficult to be “normal” again, but when I realized that I got a second chance to life, I fell in love with it all. I finished school and now I’m studying Pharmacy within the University in Sofia, Bulgaria. Now I’m proud to call myself a cancer survivor, because survivors are people who appreciate life at its fullest!” Simona Hristova, Bulgarian cancer survivor