Varduhi Sargsyan, Armenia - Youth Cancer Europe (YCE)

Varduhi Sargsyan, Armenia

I am Varduhi Sargsyan from Armenia. I was diagnosed Hodgkin Lymphoma last year. After months of chemotherapy followed by a radiation therapy, I am now in remission. But during this time I realised what a challenge it is to be a cancer patient in a developing country – with all the misconceptions and lack of information; lack of standards, medical equipment and medicine; very limited state support for the huge bills to cover and much more… I personally was only able to get the quality treatment I needed after spending enormous time researching all the local, regional and international resources and by starting an online fundraiser. Unfortunately, not everyone in Armenia can do the same due to limited knowledge of foreign languages, smaller networks and other factors. Along with getting back to normal life, I have joined the newly established Oncology Patients Advocacy Group to help creating a more supporting environment for cancer patients in Armenia.

Other than that, I am an independent consultant working in project monitoring and evaluation, implementing sociological and market research. I am an advocate of healthy lifestyle; I enjoy nature, sports, hiking, climbing and various extreme activities.