Video Series: Patient On Patient - Youth Cancer Europe (YCE)

Video Series: Patient On Patient

Expressing your story through social media

Nicki (Germany) and Virgilia (Moldova), discuss the ins and outs of sharing the experience of youth cancer through social media. Both talk openly about what it’s like to expose the good and bad sides of life as a cancer patient.

Welcome to our Patient On Patient video series. Earlier this year at our Incubator event in Transylvania, we filmed a series of conversations between young people affected by cancer. The concept is simple: two people sat interviewing each other. They have a stack of questions, each taking it in turn to pick one up and ask the other.

Cancer is a very sensitive topic that often provokes emotion in its audience. The aim of this series is to highlight this with real-life stories, told by the people who have lived and are living through them. The topics range from fertility and cross-border care issues, to expressing yourself through art or openly speaking about your experience online.

The series is comprised of five full-length interviews, in addition to seven “Quick Cut” questions videos which are available on our IGTV channel. Check the full-length interviews below!

What if Cancer affected your fertility

Andrea (Germany) and Emi (Romania) speak about their experiences with fertility issues surrounding cancer – one of the key five points addressed in the white paper we launched at the European Parliament last year

Expressing Cancer Through Art

Andrea (Spain) and Gigi (Belgium) talk about expressing cancer through art. Two very different projects from two different perspectives, both communicating the experience of cancer as a young person

Cross-border healthcare issues in Europe

In the third instalment of our Patient On Patient interviews, Ania and Magda, both hailing from Poland, talk about the existing issues surrounding cross-border healthcare in Europe and how this affects young cancer patients around the continent, which we also addressed in our white paper

Leukemia and cross-border healthcare

Bradley (UK) and Šarūnas (Lithuania) once again touch upon the subject of cross-border healthcare. This time, our survivors look at their experiences with leukemia and the access to medication and clinical trials not just in two different countries, but also within different regions of those countries