Video: YCE featured in Arte's TV special on the social stigma of cancer - Youth Cancer Europe (YCE)

Video: YCE featured in Arte’s TV special on the social stigma of cancer

Arte, a French public service TV channel and one of the leading European broadcasters, recently aired a half-hour special of its Vox Pop show talking about the discrimination faced by people living with cancer across the continent.

The show featured an interview with YCE ambassador and cancer survivor Milos Radulovic from Serbia, whose story serves as a prologue to a programme featuring short appearances from other survivors from our #removelabels campaign. As Milos highlights in his segment, there are many personal challenges faced by survivors coming back to their life routines after cancer treatment.

The ever-present stigma surrounding the disease and those living with it, is a huge contributing factor to the discrimination that occurs at institutional level, including access to loans, mortgages and insurance policies, and in some cases and as highlighted in the show, even loss of employment.

Financial discrimination is one of the key five issues affecting young people living with cancer, which we have addressed in our organisation’s white paper and continue to tackle at European level on behalf of thousands of young patients and survivors.

Vox Pop talks about some of the initiatives across the continent to tackle these issues, joined by leading institutional and academic voices.

A huge thank you goes out to Arte for reaching out to YCE to be a part of this special programme.