YCE Participates at the Third Annual FORTEe General Assembly Meeting

YCE Participates at the Third Annual FORTEe General Assembly Meeting

On 22-24 March 2023, Youth Cancer Europe participated in the annual FORTEe General Assembly Meeting, which took place in Madrid, Spain.

Katie Rizvi and Hernâni Zão Oliveira represented Youth Cancer Europe and met up with over 40 delegates from the FORTEe consortium to discuss the progress of the project that focuses on physical exercise for children and adolescents with cancer by using innovative digital technology such as augmented reality to make exercise training more effective, age-adapted, and personalized.

“One of the complex problems of prolonged hospitalization of children with cancer is the loss of muscle mass, and the consequent lower response of the body to cancer therapies. We’re excited to be part of the FORTEe consortium, representing Youth Cancer Europe in this EU-funded research project, also developing and testing serious games on mobile apps and AR, focusing on exercise therapy and sport science” said Katie and Hernâni.

The main objectives of FORTEe include promoting exercise therapy to make young patients stronger for fighting childhood cancer, stimulating translational research, creating substantial evidence for an innovative, patient-centered exercise treatment, and implementing pediatric exercise oncology as an evidence-based standard in clinical care for all childhood cancer patients across the EU and beyond.

The project is coordinated by University Medicine of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and will be implemented by 16 partner institutions from 8 European countries.

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Or, get in touch with the coordinators of the project by contacting  info@fortee-project.eu Read more about YCE’s participation in other EU-funded projects here