YCE’s Victor Gîrbu becomes Moldova's Young Person of the Year! - Youth Cancer Europe (YCE)

YCE’s Victor Gîrbu becomes Moldova’s Young Person of the Year!

Victor Gîrbu, a 27-year old lawyer, cancer survivor and YCE ambassador living in Bucharest has received the Young Person of the Year Award in his native Moldova!

You may already know Victor from his speech at the EU Parliament’s hemicycle on World Cancer Day this year, in which he shared his moving life story and his view on the key issues faced by young people living with cancer across Europe; the same key issues outlined in our white paper, and which YCE, along with Victor and our wider community, are committed to continue tackling on behalf of the thousands cancer patients, survivors, their families and caretakers around the continent. Victor received a standing ovation from the EU Parliament then, and as you can witness his commitment hasn’t diminished since.

He received his award at a ceremony aired today on TVR Moldova, the country’s public access TV channel. During his speech, Victor dedicated the award to YCE and its members from 31 countries that continue to fight to bring attention to YCE’s five calls to action. He acknowledged the impact we’ve already made all across Europe by addressing financial discrimination and Cross Border Health, and promises the work will continue – focusing on mental health, fertility and dental and reconstructive surgery access for patients and survivors over the coming short-term.

YCE is proud to be represented by ambassadors like Victor Gîrbu and to have him alongside us in our continued fight to improve the lives of young cancer patients and survivors in follow-up care. Join us in congratulating Victor for a massively well deserved award, which he has also insisted to send to YCE’s HQ to share with all of us!