Youth Cancer Europe’s Policy on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Youth Cancer Europe (YCE)

Youth Cancer Europe’s Policy on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Youth Cancer Europe supports equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the organisation and in its own practice, striving to recognise and counter any imbalances in power, perspectives and opportunities in the charity, and in the attitudes and behaviour of staff and volunteers.

The board regularly assesses the charity’s approach to equality, diversity and inclusion, including:

  1. How the communities and people that the charity serves are included and centred in decision making
  2. How meetings and board information can be made more accessible and how to provide resources to support this
  3. How to create a meeting environment in which behaving inclusively is the norm, all voices are equal and board members can constructively challenge each other
  4. How the board demonstrates inclusive behaviours in its decision making and how it engages with staff (where they exist), volunteers, members, service users and beneficiaries.

The board ensures that there are appropriate arrangements and resources in place to monitor and achieve the organisation’s equality, diversity and inclusion plans and targets, including those relating to the board.

The board creates and maintains inclusive cultures, practices and behaviours in all its decision making. It promotes and demonstrates inclusive behaviours and cultures to the wider organisation.

The board regularly monitors and actively implements its plans and targets established under this.

The board leads the organisation’s progress towards achieving its equality, diversity and inclusion plans and targets and discusses updates on this.

The board periodically takes part in learning and/or reflection about equality, diversity and inclusion and understands its responsibilities in this area. It acts on any gaps in its understanding and looks at how board practice, culture and behaviour are affected by these gaps.