Policy Work | Youth Cancer Europe (YCE)

Policy Work

Youth Cancer Europe is committed to speak with a single representative voice of young people with cancer and together with other relevant stakeholders, through strategic partnerships in Europe, engage with EU policy-makers to influence the European health and research policies.

Together we can help shape European policy, collaborate in and promote research, fight for better access to care, for better treatments, better conditions and help fix disparities that exist across Europe for young people fighting cancer. Youth with cancer must be present from the beginning when setting any kind of agenda for research and policymaking, to ensure that priorities are in line with patients’ priorities. We can provide decision makers first-hand with the patient perspective.

Youth Cancer Europe prepares youth with cancer for the growing role of patients and patient advocates and raises awareness about issues affecting European youth with cancer.

On the forefront of the agenda of Youth Cancer Europe are the following:

  1. Age appropriate and equally accessible cancer treatment cross Europe
  2. Long-term follow up and quality of survivorship
  3. Political and regulatory representation of youth with cancer

Reports of earlier projects:

2021 Chemo Brain: Cancer & Mental Health Webinar

2021 Fertility & Mental Health at the European Parliament

2020 YCE Speaks At The European Parliament’s Hemicycle

2019 Cross Border Health at the European Parliament

2018 White Paper Launch at the European Parliament

2018 Fundamentals of EU Policymaking Deep-Dive

2017 Open Space Summit

2015 Advocacy Masterclass

2014 Open Space Summit

“Not only do we need to empower survivors to look after themselves better, but we also need their help. As a medical research community we need survivors to tell us what are the important questions that we need to be doing research on in the future”
Kathy Pritchard-Jones, MBCh, MD, PhD – United Kingdom