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YCE Webinar – “Chemo Brain: Cancer & Mental Health”

Updated: Watch the stream again here 👆

On January 28th, we hosted a virtual roundtable and Q&A on “Chemo Brain: Cancer & Mental Health” with a stellar line-up of speakers from the cancer community.

Lauren Mahon (aka Girl vs Cancer) and Leanne Pero were joined by YCE’s Bradley Gudger, Andrea Ruano, Erik Sturesson and Emi Schipor.

Scroll down for more info on our speakers and to watch highlights from the event.

Lauren Mahon

Lauren Mahon, aka GIRL vs CANCER, is a presenter, creator and passionate campaigner. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2016. Desperate for some reassurance and carcinoma companionship Lauren went looking for like-minded women who had faced the c-bomb for advice and encouragement.

In October 2017 Lauren created the GIRLvsCANCER website and launched it as a hub of information and encouragement, a place to be sign-posted to the appropriate charities and support services as well insider tips on how to ‘do’ cancer. She is also a host of the multi-award-winning podcast, “You, ME & The Big C” and is a champion of representation within the cancer community.

Leanne Pero

Leanne Pero is the multi-award-winning CEO of The Leanne Pero Foundation – a cancer charity which was founded in 2017 to educate, inspire & bring opportunities for Black women going through cancer, to connect with one another and share their stories without fear or shame. The work of the foundation includes the Black Women Rising peer to peer support groups, a podcast, a magazine and the first all-Black cancer portrait exhibition. As well as founding the charity, Leanne is a self-published author, entrepreneur and businesswoman of over 20 years who also runs The Movement Factory and The Positive Day Planner.

Brad Gudger

A two-time cancer survivor, Brad is a pioneer of the charity sector and his community. Brad is the founder of Alike, a new charity created to combat loneliness through digital tools. He has worked extensively to advocate on behalf of young people. His experience includes being a Youth Expert Advisor for the NHS, petitioning the UK government to offer more support to those being treated for cancer and he has spoken in UK Parliament numerous times about patient experience. As a proud gay man, he is passionate about representation and health outcomes of the LGBTQ+ community. Brad is recipient of The Diana Award, a Young Leader for the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and a One Young World Ambassador.

Andrea Ruano

Andrea was diagnosed at 15, in 2007, with Ewing Sarcoma. A natural creative, she received a Degree in Fine Arts, and has played a key role in helping to establish new forward thinking brands. Her artistic skills range from photography, illustration, and graphic design, bringing a brand new visual element to the world of purpose-led initiatives. Her unique designs have set the tone for non-profit organisations such as Youth Cancer Europe, Adolescentes y Adultos Jóvenes con Cáncer, and Alike.

Having experienced the long term effects of cancer treatment for over 13 years, Andrea is passionate about using creative outlets as a way of expressing experience of cancer.  She says that “art is an escape that has aided in my mental health and stability while dealing with life-long issues from cancer treatment.”

Erik Sturesson

Erik Sturesson was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s in 2003, and completed treatment in 2006. Erik is very open about the fact that after cancer had been treated, he has been plagued with late complications ever since, struggling with both mental and physical ailments. He distanced himself from everything cancer, except follow-up visits to the hospital. After experiencing a deep depression and fatigue, he discovered that his medical team weren’t transparent about the long-term effects of cancer. It was then that he decided to start advocating for better post-cancer treatment, especially mental health support.

Emi Schipor

Emanuel Schipor, 27 years old and 8 years and a half in remission from testicular cancer, is a member of the Steering Committee of YCE, a patient advocate for the Temerarii (The Romanian Community of Cancer Survivor Young People) and a project manager for the Romanian NGO – The Little People Association. He has participated in several PanCare and SiopE conferences and has a particular interest in fertility and fertility preservation for young adults affected by cancer.

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